How To Work Efficiently, Even From A Small Workspace?

If given a choice, we doubt any of us will chose cramped up office desks or workstations to work from. After all, freedom and space helps to work better, and to be more creative. Unfortunately, this may not be a choice sometimes. If working at a small workstation is the only option for you, then here are a few tips on how to work efficiently, even from a space that you feel is too small.

Here, less is almost always better

In the case of a small workstation, less is almost always better. Keep your stuff to a minimum, and learn to have multi purposes for your things. If you can train yourself to use only a few things at a time while you work, you’ll find that your work station is less cluttered and messy. Apart from this, it’s also a good idea to get things size appropriate (to fit the space). Even things as useful as cube organizer baskets can get in the way if it’s too big for the workstation.

Be more organized

Regardless to whether you work from a cramped-up desk or a spacious office, having your workstation organized definitely has its perks. And efficient work is one such perks. But this is definitely something you need to pay attention to if you have a small workstation. Apart from keeping your things to a minimum, try to also make use of modern organization methods; even if it’s something as simple as a 3 drawer desktop organizer.

Learn to keep it clean and neat

Keeping your workstation or space clean and tidy goes a long way to help you be efficient when working. Learn to work without making a mess or collecting clutter. This is because cluttered spaces can feel dirty and untidy, even when it isn’t so. The best tip we can offer to you here, is not to eat at your workstation. The spills and the drips generally has a bigger effect than you think when it comes to making your workspace feel cluttered and untidy. 

The one habit that changes the game

If you were to ask us for just one tip to start with, and make your small workstation a better place to work from; it would be that you include one small thing to your daily routine. And that is to tidy up your workstation or desk at the end of each working day. This will perhaps only take a few minutes of your time; but it makes a huge difference. Apart from helping to reduce clutter collecting and to keep the place tidy in general, it also helps to make you feel good about starting work there the next day.

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